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We look forward to meeting you, your child and learning more about your child as a learner!

The Innova Early Years center is open to all Chinese and International students living in Yizhuang who seek a child centered, dual language, early years education. We are committed to supporting your child as a learner in a warm, nurturing and engaging, international learning environment that prepares children for their educational journey at Innova Academy in Yizhuang or at Chinese public schools.

There are many factors to consider in choosing the right early years center for your child. Understanding the emotional, social, physical and language needs of your child is very important in helping your child grow as a learner. The Innova Early Years Center understands that these are key areas that parents want to know more about, so we take great care to help you know about workshops within our center and how you can support your child’s educational journey.

As a new center, we invite you to visit our Experience Center, to attend our information sessions, sign up for activities for your child and to meet with our caring and experienced teachers and admissions team.

Click on "Inquire Today"  on the top left to indicate your interest in our Innova Early Years Center and a representative from the Admissions team will contact you to arrange a visit.

We look forward to getting to know you and to welcoming you into our learning community!

The Innova Admissions Team